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I have done some follow-up to Michael’s (OldBloom) request for further information about the Meneely bell. He writes:

We’ll be installing the Meneely and Kimberly bell in its new belfry as soon as the ‘new’ slate roof and copper flashing are up. We have the music director of The Kirk In The Hills working with us (his bells are getting a ‘tune-up’ – sorry, I couldn’t resist) and he thinks that the bituminous material being put on his bells would work for ours to help protect the yoke and other parts – but not the bell.

Is there someone local (Greater Detroit) who would want to come look at our 1870-1880 bell?

Michael has given me permission to post his name and email address. If you are interested in seeing the bell and, perhaps, offering some advice, guidance or information, please contact him directly. Contacting him should be done as soon as possible.

He is Michael Carmichael and his email address is michael-carmichael@sbcglobal.net.

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