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This looks like a typical CS Bell Co., Hillsboro, OH steel alloy bell. Details of this company are extensively outlined elsewhere on this web site (enter CS Bell in the search box in the upper right). Since you have one intact “A” Frame bracket, it is usually a simple matter to get a local Iron Foundry to make a duplicate. The wheel is a different story. These bells had a cast iron wheel that was roughly 30 inches in diameter. The rim of the wheel has a groove that guided the rope for ringing. You could fabricate a wooden wheel if you have some carpentry experience. Originals are hard to find and are usually attached to a bell. Todd Lower of lowersbells.com might be able to get you a new one, but it will cost. A number 30 bell is approximately 30 inches at the rim and would have been sold as a church bell. Since this house was once used as a church, I suspect that this was the church bell. It is alloy steel and can be safely sand blasted or buffed with a steel wire buffer to remove the rust and dirt. It should then be preserved with a rust retardant primer and painted whatever color you wish. Many people paint the bell silver or bronze and the frame and yoke black.
Harry Long, MD