Howdy & welcome Pansy!

The Texas Chapter of the American Bell Association is busy at work making plans for the 64th Annual ABA Convention that is being held in DALLAS, TEXAS June 25-28th. The Texas Chapter will be holding our SPRING meeting at the DFW Airport Marriott Hotel which is the site for the upcoming convention and I hope that you can make plans to attend. This hotel is just one mile from the DFW International Airport. Our meeting will be the second weekend in March — March 12 & 13.

The last time the ABA Convention was held in TEXAS was way back in June of 1990. That was my first American Bell Association convention and I now count 17 under my “belt”. Its a blast to be around other bell collectors who indeed UNDERSTAND bells . I have been a member of the TEXAS CHAPTER since that convention and enjoy my friendships with other members from Texas as well as the many bell friends I have both here in the USA and throughout the world.

I look forward to meeting you soon,
Rona Kesselman
Texas Chapter Member…and
Convention Chair for the 2009 ABA Convention being held in DALLAS TEXAS!