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Yes there was 2 extra bells outside of the two sets of twelve, the Christmas Peter Rabbit,(which I do not have), and a Mothers Day one that has a seated Mrs. Rabbit with two children on her lap, I assume Peter and a sibling, (which I do have). I thought I had the complete 24 piece Beatrix Potter set, because when I got them from my mother, thats what she told me. I started going through them a few days ago because I came across them in the attic and got a renewed intrest in them. After the first set of twelve, and the Mothers Day one, they did not look like any in the series, but instead, they were a set of twelve Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme bells. They are made by the Barton & Reed corp. for the New England Collectors Society, they all have the same little tags for each one with identifing marks, the bells all have the NE stamped on them, they range from Mother Goose, Queen of Hearts, Little Boy Blue, Cat and the Fiddle, Humpty Dumpty, Ole King Cole, Jack and Jill, Mouse and Clock, Mary had a little Lamb, Jack Sprat, Little Bo Peep, and Mary Mary quite Contrary. I have tried to find any information on these bells and can find none. I assume they must be from around the time of the others, but very rare. If anyone has any information on these please let me know, or if you have an intrest in them, let me know also. Thank You. L.S.