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I am new to this so please excuse me. I’ve been browsing through the various entries regarding the Beatrix Potter Bell collection. I received this as a gifts years back. The entire set includes 24 bells (the Christmas Bell is not part of the set). I have the entire set…along with the display case(something that came with the subscription to the entire collection). It was titled “The First Beatrix Potter Silverplated Bell Collection” put out by The New England Collectors Society. Here is the list of bells in the order they were produced:
Peter Rabbit – #01A
Jemima Puddle-Duck – #02B
Tailor of Gloucester – #03C
Hunca Munca – #04D
Benjamin Bunny – #05E
Mrs. Ribby – #06F
Tom Kitten – #07G
Mrs. Rabbit – #08H
Pigling Bland – #09I
Squirrel Nutkin – #10J
Timmy Willie – #11K
Amiable Guinew Pig – #12L
Timmy Tiptoes – #13M
Pig Robinson – #14N
Old Mr. Bunny – #15O
Tabatha Twitchit – #16P
Miss Moppet – #17Q
Jeremy Fisher – $18R
Mrs. Tittlemouse – #19S
Mrs. Tiggy Winkle – #20T
Appley Dapply – #21U
Duchess – #22V
Johnny Townmouse – #23W
Goody Tiptoes – #24x

I was actually trying to find information as to where I could list to sell this collection. I would love any and all advice that I can get. Mine are all still in the original wrapping that they came in with the original box the display case was shipped in…I don’t think they have ever seen the light of day. A gift my mother got for me…just never appreciated them I guess. And now here we are, 20 years later 😀

Thank you!!!