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War Eagle Fan

I thought this list might help some still looking for the bells. The bells that I have are:

*Peter Rabbit at Christmas
*Peter Rabbit
*Little Benjamin Bunny
*Old Mr. Benjamin Bunny
*Mrs. Rabbit
*Mrs. Ribby
*Mrs. Ribby (I really don’t think they would have issued TWO Mrs. Ribby’s though, so I’m really wanting to identify this other cat.)
*Tom Kitten
*Miss Moppet
*Squirrel Nutkin
*Timmy Tiptoes
*The Tailor of Gloucester
*Appley Dapply
*Mrs. Tittlemouse
*Timmy Willie
*Hunca Munca
*Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle
*Jemima Puddleduck
*Mr. Jeremy Fisher
*Little Pig Robinson
*Piggly Bland
*Amiable Guinea Pig