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Carolyn Whitlock

@Kallie Bell Gal wrote:

I’m back again! This time I come with two bell character names, but I don’t have bells to accompany them. Do you or anyone else know an “Amiable Guinea Pig” or a “Timmy Willy”? Does either of these names go with that cute guy you have pictured? This is what I get for venturing out of my area of comfort. I know little enough about the bells that I collect–I should never dabble in territories of which I have NO knowledge.
More confused than ever,
sam 😕

OK, here’s what I have found. I’ve never heard of “Amiable Guinea Pig” so I googled the name. Here’s a picture of a figurine called “‘Classic’ The Amiable Guinea Pig” from the Beatrix Potter Emporium. Except for the fact that he doesn’t have a walking stick, there’s no question in my mind but what you are right on the mark with your identification!

Thanks a bunch (of carrots for Peter, that is!)!