Neil Goeppinger

Ellen, I came across some new information on Clampitt & Regester. In either 1847 or 1848 the firm was located at 53 Holiday Street. In 1850, Henry McShane was 19 years old and living at the home of Joseph Regester and working as a brass founder. The firm of Clampett & Regester soon disloved with Regester forming a partnership at the same location with William George Webb. They did business under the name Baltimore Bell and Bras Works, still at the 53 Holiday Street location under the proprietorship of Regester and Webb. They had a pit capable of casting 10,000 pounds and a large furnace for heating metal.

Henry McShane split off and formed his own firm in 1856 when he founded Henry McShane Brass and Bell Foundry on Concord Street, between Lombard and Pratt in downtown Baltimore.

This information came from the Winter/Spring 2000 issue of Timepiece Journal of the American Clock and Watch Museum, Inc. Carl Scott Zimmerman told me about the article. — Neil Goeppinger