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Hi Ken

Yes, I find that all bells have a value. You need to give some more details of the one you are referring to, before any reasonable ‘ball park’ idea could be given. Things like sizes, weights, mounting styles, mounting brackets, condition etc. Also, if there is a documented history of the bell, that helps improve it’s value too. Even answers as simple as, which Church? can add to it’s value.

Also you should consider if you are looking for sale values, Auction Values, or Insurance Values – they are quite different numbers some times.

To give a VERY rough idea: A good, Bronze, midsized Church bell sells in the high hundreds to low thousands of dollars, generally, so I would insure it for that range too.

I don’t think that this site allows specific values to be given, but there are a number of sites that do. A fast Google search on antique church bells will pull up a few for you.