Thanks Neil! Your insight is always appreciated! And I am flattered by your compliment on the bells.
I happen to have the two sizes in ABFCo bells that bridge the bearings/no-bearings transition.
The 34″ is steel on steel; the 36″ came from the foundry with those bearings to which you refer.
I noticed the company’s detail of those same bearings in their catalog from 1903, with a total of 4 rollers!!!!
I asked Todd Lower about replacements, but he had of none, and suggested perhaps bronze or aluminum bushings.
My temporary oak allowed me to set and swing the bell to make it ring while I search for alternative replacements. (Any suggestions are very welcome!)

As to the tolling hammer, none of my six ABFCo bells have holes in the belfry stand cross-arms to accept a bracket.
The 34″ bell came with the same bracket/pivot as the 36″ has for its hammer.
I AM familiar with such an arrangement, at least on other foundry’s installations.
I only have the same ABFCo catalog to which to refer, though that drawing is obviously iconic in that it shows a bell with no bearings, yet a wooden wheel!
The 36″ I restored had bearings at one time, but it has a 38 inch, 75lb cast steel wheel!! So the accuracy of that drawing’s detail is questionable.
Apparently advertising hasn’t changed over 100 years! HA!
I will continue, and with your insight, expand, my search for an appropriate tolling hammer, Thank You!
The wood plug hammer is interesting… I already constructed some white oak mallets, soaked in Linseed oil, so the grandkids could ring the larger bells without risk of damage to either the bells or themselves!
Thanks again, Neil. Ialways appreciate your insight throughout this forum.