Neil Goeppinger

Your American Bell Foundry bells look great. In bigger sizes this firm used an unusual forerunner of the roller bearing in the journals at the top of the A frame stands. Regarding the tolling hammers, I have a few, but I don’t think they are identical to the one in your photo. There were several ways to mount them. Some had a mounting which bolted to the cross brace of the A frame stand about half way up and pivoted there. If you find one which looks right but doesn’t have the right bend in the arm, go ahead and buy it. You can heat it and change the bend to match your application (the bend is different for one pivoting from the cross brace than for one mounted to the same level as the feet of the A frame stands as in your photo). There were also some which had a hole and a wooden plug was inserted which made contact with the bell. That would have produced a more muffled tone. There were lots of variations in tolling hammers.
— Neil Goeppinger