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Kallie Bell Gal


You did give me a lot to think about. The spring is very heavy. I am unable to flex it more than about halfway. I had not thought about it on a moving vehicle but I’m not too sold on that idea. The spring doesn’t “spring” much, but the length is such that the bell rings without much movement to the end of the spring. I had thought about its being held in a flexed position and released by something or its being struck by something mobile. I’m reminded of the vacuum tubes that clerks sent sales receipts and cash to the department store’s office. I know they didn’t use a bell like this to announce the carrier’s arrival, but they could have. I did take a look at the inside of the bell. I can see where the clapper has worn a groove, but it is kinda indistinct–not indicative of a lot of use.

When I said there used to be a number of these bells around, I was being fairly literal. About fifteen or twenty years ago, I saw similar bells, some smaller with shorter springs, in many local antique shops and frequently at trades days. I have noticed that things tend to run in cycles at these affairs. You’ll see something–be it a type of bell, or hat blocks, or milk bottles, etc.–everywhere you go; then they will disappear and some new fad will take its place. The sheer numbers I recall seeing would suggest some industrial use? 😕

Thanks, keep on thinking,