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You are welcome Sam!

Yes, I agree – if the spring is heavy then the first suggestion, which relies on a weaker spring, is incorrect.

I have not seen these attached to a spring like this before myself – but I’ll keep an eye open for them. If they were very prevalent then it is very likely someone on this site will know what it is. We will simply have to wait until they log on and reply.

I would think, especially if you see a worn spot for the striker, that if it was struck on the side you would also see a worn mark there. The spring suggests that some movement (abet restricted) was expected out of the whole bell – otherwise it would have simply been fixed to a cheaper solid mount. If you don’t see any wear points on the outside of the bell or spring that would probably indicate that it was not struck directly on a regular basis.

Can you tell if there was something else mounted (most likely where the bell mounts to the spring) on this structure? Like a wire going from it to something else that would hold it in tension like a trigger? That would give you wear inside for the striker without outside marks.