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I agree with Harry, The bell itself in particular is the classic door bell style. He is very likely correct for it’s use, but I am very curious about the use of the more expensive ‘spring’ rather than the flat spiral curved metal arm I see in most photos and drawings. The spring is significantly more expensive and does not appear to add anything to the prettiness or functionality of the bell.

You indicated that you had seen lots of these in the days gone by, and I know that people back then are just as reluctant to spend money as they are today. As a rough simile, it’s the equivalent of choosing bottles vs cartons for milk today – how many of us choose the more expensive bottles even though they are more readily recyclable and therefore we actually have a solid reason to pick them? I have a tough time trying to explain why they would use the more expensive spring for such a mundane task when the cheaper one is just as effective. About the only explanation I can hypothesis is that the springs would probably physically last longer. I would think that the cost would be a few times more for them though so I don’t know if it would be a recoverable amount of dollars over any reasonable time frame.

But with that said, have a look at the one and only photograph of this nature that I was able to find! What do you think?