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A question: How ‘heavy’ is the spring? I can’t tell because it’s in a resting state. If you were to hold it up – how easily / much would the loops move apart?
My thoughts are as follows:

1) If it’s a moderately weak spring, I would think it was designed for a moving structure. The mass of the bell would hold it relatively steady through swings and bumps by simple momentum conservation. A big flat snail shell coil that we see on most bells over door frames would be too stiff (especially in the ‘side’ direction where it wouldn’t bend at all) and would ring the bell every bump or sway. That would suggest a moving vehicle of some sort that doesn’t move too violently normally. I am thinking a train carriage butler’s bell (run by a butler pull cord) in a high class car, or simply an alert bell for some train man via a pull cable, or perhaps something similar in a cruse ship. That way the sway would not ring the bell but a sharp pull on an attached cord would.

2) if it’s a heavy spring (does not easily spread it’s coils) then I am thinking its probably for a more industrial use. Imagine the bell being hung with the spring under tension (probably the spring bent in a partial U shape). If the tension was released then the bell would swing and ring rather forcefully as an alarm. The coiled spring arrangement would be less prone to deforming if bent in the wrong direction or by metal fatigue if held in the compressed position for a long period – where the flat metal snail coil of the door bells I mentioned earlier would most likely fail. Something like a large trap door that hold the bell in the ‘cocked’ or bent spring position while closed but if it falls open the bell would ring. Or perhaps a weaker wire holding it in a stress position that would break if the equipment shifted or melt if it got hot – or something like that- releasing the bell to ring.

The other interesting point about the coil spring vs flat snail coil is that the spring would dampen out the swing faster than the snail coil. Again suggesting it was installed in something moving.

Hopefully this might help tweak some ideas/memories of others to help out! I look forward to seeing what we come up with!