😀 I just purchased a bell with a 15 3/4″ diameter. It was lying on the floor of an antique shop in
Lake Mills, Wisconsin. I paid 148 bucks for it because thought it would look cool in my man cave. It was only after doing a little research did I find you guys. The bell has the harp intact, as a matter of fact the entire bell and ringer assembly is functional. The harp says NORTVILLE MICH USA on one side and AMERICAN BELL FOUNDRY CO on the other. It also has #12. From what I gather from the information Bowlden Bells are made if steel. I haven’t as yet determined if it is indeed steel or cast iron. Anyway could one of you nice gentlemen tell me how to date this bell and if it is old, what it’s worth?

I should tell you however, much to my dismay, that the entire bell was recently painted a gloss black. Now I don’t know how to salvage it. Would sandblasting be appropriate? Would finding the person who did this thing and… Anyway I found a piece of American history I think. Please advise.