I’d like to say that Harry’s list was definitely right on target. In addition, most conventions also include bus tours, trolley tours, and even boat cruises to areas of interest. My first convention was in 1971 and, as a high school aged youth member, I got to tour New York City and even climb up into the Statue of Liberty. The offerings since have been pretty diverse. It’s a surprisingly friendly group and you do make lasting friendships which become an important reason to keep going back each year. I also have to add that almost every convention is held in a stunning luxury hotel that otherwise would be financially out of reach for most members but can be enjoyed by us all at a remarkably reduced convention rate. The meals that are included are first class banquet style meals. It all adds up to a very very nice stay. Once again, I encourage all the members to get their reservations made and to attend. Attendance is both fun and more importantly, vital to the Association. Hope to see you first timers and also all the returning members this year in Denver. Alan Anthony