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I sold a cracked 26″ Hillsboro bell last year with all components on eBay for $300 so finding them is not impossible. The buyer purchased it for parts. CS cast hundreds of thousands of bells during it’s long run and they are probably the most plentiful still around. Suspend your bell from a four by four or six by six wood post (like a mission bell) using a large eyebolt. A good machine shop can fashion a clapper. The ball should be about 4 inches in dia with a ring on the bottom for tying a rope. The worn area on the bell’s interior will indicate where the clapper should strike. You won’t have a swinging bell but it will be functional and display nicely. Also, suspend it from a chain and tap it with a hammer to test the sound. It looks fine in the photos but even a hard-to-see hairline crack will ruin it and you won’t need to invest in the clapper. You will know from the dull thud if it is cracked. Perhaps it is and that’s why the other components were salvaged. There are a lot more cracked bronze bells than steel ones. That was a selling point, along with being cheaper, for steel foundries such as CS.