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Green Grass

Most bells had at least two strikers / hammers on them. The interior striker is activated by swinging the bell. This mass-in-motion produces a “Doppler” sound, i.e. as the bell swings toward you it is louder, as it swing away, it is softer.

The exterior floor mount hammer was for tolling, i.e. hour strike, funeral toll, part of the angelus, de profundis. The stationary bell produces a monotone sound. Your rope was probably tied up, because if the bell is moving, i.e. swinging, and the toll hammer is pulled, either the bell will bend the hammer shaft over, or the hammer will tear a piece of bell metal from the bell. If you look just to the right of the floor mounted toll hammer, you can see bell metal missing the shape of the toll hammer head.

Bell ringing was done until 1950’s. Bells were silenced until Bicentenial 1976. Few persons understand bell ringing and the various hammers used to produce different sounds from the bell.

Be careful, that’s a wonderful bell!

John Eachus