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Michael, The bell that you have was designed and cast by Mrs. A.S.C. Forbes of Los Angeles between 1914 and 1937, give or take a year. The name of the bell that Forbes gave it is AVE MARIA BELL MISSION SAN LUIS REY. During Mrs. Forbes time she visited many of the missions of the southwest as well as the California missions and sketched what she could see of the bells hanging in the towers. This one looked like one of the bells hanging in Mission San Luis Rey located about 45 minutes north of beautiful warm and sunny San Diego. Between 1914 and 1941 she made souvenir bells from 1 ½” to 18”. She was the only foundry woman in America during these years. This one is a souvenir bell sold at missions and gift stores throughout California from 1914-1941. This one , as others made be Forbes were never used during church services. There has never been a true accounting of all the different sizes and types of bells made by her, the most resent count approaches 300 items. The date of 1828 clearly can be seen, this is at the very end of the mission era of California and does not pertain to any early mission development. Why she put the date on the bell, we do not have a positive answer. To get a look at the vast articles on bells go to the ABA web site and click on ‘directory‘, a 37 page index of world class bell information taken from the ABA publication The Bell Tower. If you have more questions or wish to discuss bell subjects, expert assistance is always available. Max Kurillo