Hello Peter, thank you for your advice re: to clean or not to clean. I will take it and leave my bell as it is.
I had already googled to try and find out what language it is, I think it may be an Indian language but have no idea which. However, I had another google and found a site called omniglot.com which has a forum and a puzzle page with similar queries as to various scripts on all sorts of objects. I have written to the site author and have sent the link to the photo of my script. If I hear anything I will post it on here.
Perhaps some of the members on here may be able to help with the script queries on that site, that would be great.

By the way, whilst trying to find out about crotal bells I found one or two interesting sites which may be of interest to others here. One is the UK detector finds database website which lists 35 different crotal bells with photographs and interesting information. Here is the link, (I accessed it on 01.05.2007) to the ‘Aretfacts’ section, scroll down and look under ‘post medieval’ to find the crotal bells.


Indeed their whole site is interesting and they do fantastic work cataloguing their finds.

According to a Russian site I found, crotal bells and rumblers should not be classified as bells at all, but should be classified as rattles!
Would be interesting to hear what others think on this.
Kind regards