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Thank you Carolyn for getting those pictures up. I’d like to mention a few more things about the bell. First, one of the pictures taken from the side shows either wear or a founding imperfection. The relief is non-existent. I suspect it is a founding imperfection because instead of being worn down it looks to be raised. Second, there is a divet, hole or something in what I’ll call the stem, the vertical structure surrounded by the four 2 shaped things. I do not know what it is. My brother-in-law says a bullet hole. Third, in my original post Dr. Long said the inscription may be Spanish. Since then other’s have said Portuguese because of the spelling of GABERI. I don’t know. Fourth, the bell is approx. 22″ in height and 24″ wide. No clapper obviously ( but it does come with a lizard, sorry, he won’t leave). As far as provedence goes all I know is that that the woman who gave it to me said it was from the Bahamas.
Thanks all for your future input and help,
Geer Pyron