Hemony and Serke bells have interested bell collectors for many years as there are no clear answers about who or when they were made.

Many years ago a wonderful supplement was published by the Bell Tower trying to answer some of the questions regarding these bells. The following information is from that article:

Francois and Pieter Hemony were born in France in 1609 and 1619 respectively. They worked together and separately in Western Europe mainly Germany and Holland. Francois died in 1667 and Pieter in 1680.

Many of the Hemony bells have a date of 1569 which predates the brothers. Other dates dates reported on the bells included 1561, 1565, 1669 and 1674. No one knows for sure who made or when the first bells were made but some bells appear older than others. Also some bells have better detail than others.

The bell you described has been known as the crone, monk, or warrior but most think it is a woman. There are some varieations in the nose, chin, tilt of the the head and eyes.

Hope this helps.