The Fulton foundary cast Bronze boat whistles, propellars, etc. They did produce bells. The smaller bells were felt to be used on Canal Boats on the Pennsylvania Canal, but this has not been confirmed. Yours is a bit larger than those that are considered Canal Boat Bells and could have come from a larger river boat. Fulton was located in Pittsburgh and cast bells in the mid 1800’s primarily for river boats, but they did produce church and firehouse bells. Their largest bell was cast for a firehouse in Northside Pittsburgh, but was so loud that it created traffic jams of people going to the fire. It was retired and rests at the Western Pennsylvania Historical Society in Pittsburgh. The foundary was started by Andrew Fulton and continued by his sons. The early Fulton Bells were labeled A. Fulton. Subsequent bells were labeled A. Fulton & Sons. The larger church bells are amongst the more beautiful bronze bells that were cast in America and are characterized by a “crown” that was attached to the yoke.
Harry Long, MD