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Thanks for your reply. My tardiness in getting back to you was due to the rush of business, not to any lack of interest in finding out more about my bell. In that regards, my bell matches perfectly the dimensions given for the Monterey bell shown in the lower left of the page you sent me from one of Mrs. Forbes’s catalogs. Right down to the design and the size, 14 1/2″ at rim, 10 3/4″ height, 2 3/4″ crown and 85#s. Now, if we could find out who my bell was made for with the inscriptions Anno 1734, the symbol of a bell tower with the words Mission Inn on the base of the tower, and the words San Carlos, that would be super. Perhaps it was made for the Mission Inn in
Riverside, CA. At least that might be a good lead, for a start. Just as a coincidence of no matter, The San Carlos Mission was first established at Monterey, CA before relocation to its current site in Carmel, and the bell cited in the Catalog is called Monterey and San Carlos are words on my bell. Anyway, such fun. Please help, if you can. . Thanks so much.