Neil Goeppinger

I can only add a few details to what Harry has already given you. He covered it pretty well.

The foundry went under the name Andrew Fulton from 1827 to 1865 and was located between Market and Ferry Streets in Pittsburgh. At this time they put “A. Fulton” on their smaller, undated bells. From 1866 to 1889 they went first under the name A. Fulton’s Son & Co, then under A. Fulton’s Sons & Co, and were located part of that time at 91 First Ave, and some of the time at 2nd Ave between West and Short Streets. Since I am not acquainted with the streets as they existed back then, those addresses may all have been close together and part of the same property.

Bells this size were used for many things. Telling people when to start factory work, quit for lunch, etc. On river landings, on bridges, the list goes on and on. That is why they kept them on hand for sale rather than waiting for an order before casting one, as in the case of bronze church bells. Since some of the inventory would get carried over from one year to the next, they didn’t date this size bell very often. Thus, most bells this size are not dated. As to age, there is no way to know, but to just go with the odds, there were more large bells made during the 1880’s than any other decade. — Neil