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John Eachus responds with this information:

The Charles S. Bell founded the company in 1856. (Recently some facts have been presented that this foundry may actually have cast bells earlier than this.) The CS Bell Co. cast steel alloy bells. (The only other foundry to ever cast steel alloy bells, was Naylors & Vickers in Sheffield, England. The Church of the Nativity, Huntsville, Alabama has a 54” diameter Naylors & Vickers Bell with the crest of the King of England cast into it.)

The first year, CS Bell Co. cast 1,000 bells, farm bells, church bells, fire alarm bells & factory bells. In 1889, they cast 20,000 bells, annually. They marketed their farm bells through Sears Roebuck catalogs. The largest bell cast was 54” diameter, bell weight 2,060. & 3,150 pounds with hardware; in 1921 cost $375.

The CS Bell Co. stopped casting bells in 1950.

In recent years, Bells Novelty Casting in Anniston, Alabama was casting farm bells from the original 1800’s CS Bell Co. molds. Bells Novelty Casting closed this past spring, 2007.

John Eachus


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