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Carolyn Whitlock


It appears that my Columbian Liberty Bell is a reproduction. It does not have any engraving on it. Although mine is a nice quality bell, I can see that it is not exactly the same as the McShane Commemorative Bell. For instance, the finial on mine seems to be a little more elongated. The ridges that go around the bell are different in number and distance apart. The clapper in mine is not quite as fine as McShane’s.

Now, I’m curious to know if the front of all the McShane bells has the flywheel (is that the right term for it?) on the left. Mine is on the right.

One thing I’ve noticed about many of my bells, especially the figurines and figurals, is that there are subtle differences in duplicates. It makes it harder to weed out the so-called duplicates!

Hope this helps,