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Neil Goeppinger

Since we don’t know the size of the bell or how it was mounted (swinging or non swinging), and we don’t have a picture, there isn’t much I can tell about the individual bell.

William Blake & Co was the predecessor of Hooper, Blake & Richardson. William Blake & Co operated from 1868 or 1876 or 1877 (there are conflicting dates reported) to 1888. William Blake operated under several different bell firm names, the first of which was “William Blake & Co Formerly Henry N. Hooper & Co. Boston Mass.” This may be the inscription on the bell in question. By 1890 the name had changed to Blake Bell Co. Boston Mass. William Blake was an apprentice under Paul Revere and later was a paartner of Paul Revere 3rd, grandson of the patriot. The Henry N. Hooper firm started in 1830.

Both these firms trace their history back to the Paul Revere Bell Foundry.
— Neil Goeppinger