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I sent out your request to several bell collectors and this is what they’ve had to say:

Response #1

As an old Navy man I would certainly like to have Chris’ e-mail address. Thanks.

Response #2

I don’t really know anything about navy bells, but can suggest a place Chris might want to contact. The Coast Guard Auxiliary have a small museum at the Coast Guard base in Seattle. They have a number of bells that have come off military ships. They might have information which Chris could use. When I toured it last September I found the volunteers there were very knowledgeable.

Response #3

A couple of years ago, a short piece of mine was published in the Bell Tower about the bell that is on the International Space Station. It was taken there by one of the Navel astronauts as a way of bringing some of the naval bell traditions to space because the space station is also a ship. I am attaching my copy of the article. It might be an interesting aside for his talk.

Response #4

During WWII due to a shortage of brass for shell casings, many Navy bells were made of steel.

Response #5

I’d like to suggest that Chris from Maryland go to “U.S. Navy Bells” on the internet. He will find a “raft” of information.


This inquiry was originally sent to the ABA’s Internet Coordinator. The responses are are opinions of individuals based on their personal research and knowledge.