RE: American Bell and Foundry — AKA — Bowlden Bell

Rick writes:

Well this is turning out to be quite the journey. With hours of e-mails and $9.50 I’m happy to send you something I thought I would never catch up to the “American Bell And Foundry Company” catalog from 1903. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I ordered photo copies of the catalog but when received it was beyond my greatest expectations. Quite simply put, the catalog is outstanding. It provides history, philosophy, descriptions of their products complete mounting instructions, belfry design, ringing instructions, care of the bell down to rope size and more.

The document answers lots of questions I had about ABF and the Bowlden bell. For instance, the name Bowlden bell refers to the type of bells they made, which would be “steel”. Anyway I hope you enjoy the catalog and as I continue to track down the school from which it haled I will pass this info along as well…..should you be interested.

I hope all find the read as enjoyable as I.

Rick G

Rick has sent me a .pdf file showing the 19 pages of the catalogue. I will be looking into finding out if and how I can post it on the forum.


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