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Carolyn Whitlock

Dear Robin,

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I enjoyed your story about the dainty little bell that your mom had when you were a child. I sold about 25 of my little Sarna bells last June at the Baltimore convention. I don’t remember having one that said, “To wish you well the wishing bell.” But we all know that Mr. Sarna produced many, many different little bells!

I’ve looked in the July – August 1996 Bell Tower where there is an article on the Bells of Sarna that is a reprint of a May 1983 supplement that was prepared by R. Dean Shick and his wife Ardyce, who was national president of ABA in 1977. Although Dean and Ardyce have both passed away, their daughter, Kay Weaver, also a past national ABA president, carries on the interest in bells as does Kay’s husband, Ron Weaver, who has been our ABA Membership Chairman for many years now.

The Bells of Sarna article is fantastic but I haven’t been able to find anything about your bell at a quick scan of the article. Perhaps someone else can answer your questions.

Since I can’t help and I don’t want to “ring off” without giving you something, I will give you this poem by Jan C. Johnson that was printed in the same Bell Tower as the Sarna article.

My Bells

I love my bells, I truly do….
I love them all, from you and you….

Some are wooden and some are brass
Some are ceramic and others glass.

My bells are large to very small….
My bells are short to very tall….

They come from far, they come from near
But to me all are very dear.