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The best advice I can offer is to proceed slowly. Most of the brass lady bells on eBay are quite common. Prices have declined in recent years and you can get some good bargains. Despite a seller’s claim that a particular example is “rare”, you will see most of them over and over, so you may as well purchase a good example the first time. You should especially look for clear detail of the features, and the face is a good place to start.

I made a quick search for “lady bell” on eBay and here are two you could browse by entering the item number in the search field. Item number 250114707952 is a decent example of a Dutch lady, not great but perfectly acceptable, fairly good features, and worth maybe $25. Compare that with the face on item number 130113891353 and decide which you would rather have. If you can’t see the features clearly then ask the seller for additional pictures. If they don’t arrive and/or don’t satisfy you, then wait for the next one. The chance of missing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is VERY small. You will learn by looking. Good luck.