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I believe many of us, at ABA, do not consider the “Hemony” bells as being made by the Hemony brothers, but continue to name them Hemony Bells anyway.

L. Elsinore Springer, in her book The Collector’s Book of Bells said: “Curators of European museums, particularly those in the Netherlands, agree that these (the Hemony) bells can in no way be attributed to that famous family of bellmakers.”

She further said: “As to dating bells in this series, it is pointless to persist in trying to distinguish a copy from an original when obviously there never were any originals.”

She made other comments to dispell any thought of any Hemony manufacture, but one should read her text (pages 94-99) for a complete story.

But, anyway, these bells are are well liked by collectors and enjoyed for their obvious age and style. Many of us have at least one.