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Holly Barnes


Thanks for the note. I know what you mean with the room thing. My youngest child got married two and a half years ago and we have converted his room into “the bell room”. We have collected a wide assortment.
From your explination It sounds like you have mostly metal bells. Would that be a true statment?
I have more glass than metal. I enjoy the vast number of different Fentons. Mostly I just pick them out because I like them. Believe me it is much different than the days when we would go to garage sales and see how many we could find on a given weekend. The number of bells would rate the successfulness of the weekend. 😀 “It was a 12 bell weekend” 😆 . Now I try to keep it a little more mellow.
All in all it’s just good fun.
Thanks again for the note. E-mail me any time I would be glad to hear from you.

Holly B.