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jeff garratt


My name is Jeff Garratt. While I do not have foundry records, I can tell you that I am a relative of W. T. Garratt. I have a few small bells, and a steam whistle.

I would be happy to help you in any way I can to get more information as it would help me in learning more about my family.

The W. T. Garratt brass and bell foundry was located on Folsom St. at Fremont St. (about three blocks from the Embarcadero) in downtown SF. The big brass fence surrounding the Millionaires Club (across form the Masonic Auditorium and the Mark Hopkins) is a W. T. Garratt fence. There are many bells in the area, but none for sale.

You can call me at (650) 270-5219 if you would like to talk and I will tell you what I know.

Thanks, Jeff Garratt