ABA 2024 Convention Highlights

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

 June 23 – 28, 2024

 A few Pictures from our Pittsburgh Convention. 

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The Programs

We learned a lot from the diverse selection of programs presented this year.

2024 – 2025 Executive Board


President Bonnie Tippery

First Vice President: Bonnie Tippery                        Second Vice President: Ailene Pearce                      Secretary: Carol Jurin                                        Treasurer: Arlene Foreman                                         Immediate Past President: Jane Boldenow             Member at Large: Shirley Russell                             Past Presidents Representative: Laura Murgia       Parliamentarian Cathy Darnell                             Legal Advisor: Carol Mannchen


The Girls Club, No Boys Allowed

Historical Ukraine Bells

Painted Russian Wooden Bells

Journeys Around the World: The Bells Book

Fulton Bells

Traveling the Glass Road

Things that go Hoot in the Night

Lynn Chase Wildlife Bells

Sights & Sounds of Old Weestern Pennsylvania

Sometimes the Companion Piece Comes First


Who is Joel?

Things that go Hoot in the Night

Painted Russian Wooden Bells

Sights & Sounds of Old Western Pennsylvania

The Bells Book

Lynn Chase Wildlife Bells

Fulton Bells

Historical Ukraine Bells


2024 Convention Bell


Paired tuned bells joined by a walnut yoke

Bronze by Malmark Bells, Inc.


The Tours

Many took the tours sponsored by the American Bell Association.  We took an excellent bus tour of Pittsburgh learning much about its history and revitalization.  We also saw the many bridges, narrow streets and tight turns. We rode the Duquesne Incline which was a steep look down.  Lunch was at the Grand Concourse before we went on to the Heinz History Center.  On the second day we boarded the Gateway Clipper Three Rives Sightseeing Cruise and learned even more about the city.  After a quick view of the Mars Spaceship we had lunch at the Springfield Grille.

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