ABA 2023 Convention Highlights

Omaha, Nebraska

 June 25 – 30 2023

A few Convention Pictures. 

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The Programs

We learned a lot from the diverse selection of programs presented this year.

2023 – 2024 Executive Board

President Jane Boldnow

First Vice President: Bonnie Tippery                        Second Vice President: Ailene Pearce                      Secretary: Kathleen Collins                                        Treasurer: Arlene Foreman                                         Immediate Past President: Sue Goebel                   Member at Large: Shirley Russell                             Past Presidents Representative: Laura Murgia       Parliamentarian & Legal Advisor: Bill Kenworthy


Weird(?) and/or Wonderful (?) Bells

Recent Bells Found

Netsukes: A Tribute to Curtis and Lenore

Bells of the World’s Great Porcelain Houses

Carillons: Bells that make music

The Ladies Room plus One

Russian Museum Bells


Cha-Ching’s Chimes

Winston’s Bells: A Travelogue of Sorts


Weird (?) and/or Wonderful (?) Bells

Netsukes on a Bell

Holiday Memories

Bells of the World’s Great Porcelain Houses

Figurine “Belles”

One of a Kind Bells


2023 Convention Bell

Train entering and leaving a tunnel

Bronze bell created by Les Bruning


The Tours

Many of us took the tours sponsored by the American Bell Association.  We took an excellent bus tour of Omaha learning much about its history and revitalization.  We went to Pioneer Courage Park, through Memorial Park and St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church for explanation of Orthodoxy, lunch and dancing. We stopped at the Hot Shops and saw Les Bruning, our bell creator pouring bronze into molds and visited other artists.  Patrick Keep gave us a bell ringing recital at the Henningson Campanile.  On Tuesday we saw Boy’s Town and visited Bonnie’s house for lunch and viewed her bell, owl and nutcracker collections.

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