ABA 2022 Convention Highlights

Charleston, West Virginia

 June 12 – 17 2022

A few Convention Pictures. 

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2022 - 2023 ABA Executive Board   

The 2022 – 2023 Executive Board

Left to Right: Arlene Foreman, Treasurer; Laura Murgia, Past President Representative; Bill Kenworthy, Parlimentarian; Sue Goebel, President; Bonnie Tippery, Immediate Past President;Brenda Spratt, member at Large; Jane Boldenow, 1st Vice President; Kathleen Collins, Secretary.


Kelsey Murphy Cameo Bells

Silver Table Bells

Sleigh Bells, Still Ringing

Nativity Bells

Bell Toys

Fenton Bells

C.S. Bell Company

George Hanks Foundry

Keeping up with Daniel Riccio

Train Bell – Andy Comer


Silver Bells

Queen Elizabeth & Family Bells

Mr. & Mrs. Faience

Kelsey Murphy Cameo Glass Bells

Bell Basics

Nativity Bells & Companion Pieces

Daniel Riccio Bells

Fenton Bells

Bell Toys

  2022 ABA Convention Bell

american bell association , cameo bell

created by Michael Magyar and Kelsey Murphy


The Tours

Many of us took the tours sponsored by the American Bell Association.  We went to Tamarack, a West Virginia artisan shop, Gauley Pottery, The New River Gorge Bridge, the Capitol Building, WV Museum and the Capitol Market. (Click on the pictures to see the full picture)