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Omaha, Nebraska

June 26 – July 1, 2023

Omaha Marriott

10220 Regency Circle

Omaha, NE 68114

(402) 399-9000


Miniature of ancient Chinese Bronze bells
Nancy was delighted to come upon these in the Ancient Chinese Art wing of the Portland Art Museum when she was on a Road Scholar paddlewheel riverboat cruise through the Columbia River Gorge in September 2021. Here’s the description of the exhibits:
           Musicians with Chimes and Bells. Western Han dynasty, 206 BCE-9 CE. Painted earthenware. This virtually intact orchestral group would be noteworthy under any circumstances, but the fact that no other complete Han-dynasty group of this scale has been found makes it all the more extraordinary.
            The grouping represents the kind of musical ensemble that would have been maintained by rulers and great nobles for use exclusively in court ceremonies or important religious rituals. The existence of such orchestras can be traced back to the Warring States period, if not earlier, and they were still being used in the Qing court as late as the nineteenth century. The full-sized sets of musical instruments found in earlier tombs consisted of bells of bronze and chimes of stone.
            These racks, which most likely were originally of wood, are modern replacements. No attempt has been made to replace the drumsticks and batons that the players would once have held.
Miniature of ancient Chinese earthern rock chimes

“ABA on the national/international and chapter levels would resonate with everyone.  Since my first meeting years ago I have been greatly blessed in so many ways, but most importantly by the wonderful people  whom I have met and the special friendships that I treasure.”

Nancy (Pittsburg)