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Pink Faience Bell - Quimper Bagpipe


Ailene has a Seneca Glass bell from the ‘Fashionables’ line.  It’s a blown glass one piece tapered chamber with a rounded shoulder that flows into the tapered handle with an applied knob on top;  The clapper is a crystal bead on a silver chain. 7” x 2.875”. The bell has same measurements as their water goblet minus the base. Maybe a one-off made from broken water goblet with applied knop on handle?

Seneca Glass used to be the largest manufacturer of drinking glasses from high quality stemware to less elaborate glasses like the Fashionables series.  Over the years of their existence, they made many beautiful and clear sounding lead glass bells.  Unfortunately, the company went out of business in 1983.The factory building, in Morgantown, WV now has many small specialty shops as well as artifacts of the old glass company.

Note from Laura, ABA Website Coordinator — One of the things I love about members sending pictures of their bells is that I’m inspired to research those I’m not familiar with – like this one. I learned more about Seneca glass and the Fashionables.  However, when I did a google search for Seneca Glass black bell or Seneca Glass Fashionables bell, I couldn’t find one.  Makes me think that Ailene has a rare and difficult to find bell.

 Can you send me a picture and story about a bell you have?  I and others would love to learn more about this fascinating world of bells!

“ABA on the national/international and chapter levels would resonate with everyone.  Since my first meeting years ago I have been greatly blessed in so many ways, but most importantly by the wonderful people  whom I have met and the special friendships that I treasure.”

Nancy (Pittsburg)