American Bell Association (ABA)

We are a network of bell collectors, enthusiasts, researchers, ringers, carillonneurs, artisans, manufacturers, technicians and dealers. Learn more about bells and connect with hundreds of members of the ABA.



 ABA Zoom Meetings

 International Zoom Meeting

 March 26, 2022 1PM GMT/UTC (London Time)  7am Central Time (Chicago Time)

 North America Zoom Meeting

April 2, 2022 1PM Eastern Time (New York Time) 

Save the dates!!  All members, wherever you live, are are welcome to join either meeting. Join us to meet and talk with members, hear the latest ABA news, share a favorite bell and enjoy the delight in collecting bells. 

Information on how to connect will be coming in early March.  Or contact Sue Moore at    


About The ABA

THE AMERICAN BELL ASSOCIATION® is a non-profit organization of over 700 members located in the United States and other countries.

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The American Bell Association® was organized in 1940 for educational and scientific purposes related to the collection, study, preservation, restoration and research of all kinds of bells.

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2022 Convention

Charleston, West Virginia

June 12 – 18, 2022

Embassy Suites
300 Court Street


“I never met a bell collector who wasn’t a warm person. Other collectors follow a hobby for monetary reason, wanting to sell or trade. But the bell people are one group who admire, rather than being envious, of another’s good fortune in finding a special bell.”

Sidney Gelman