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    Founded in 1940, the ABA is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization with members located in the United States and 20 other countries.

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    We invite you to join the American Bell Association International, Inc. and discover the “Wonderful World of Bells”!

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    THE AMERICAN BELL ASSOCIATION® is a network of bell collectors, ringers, carillonneurs, artisans, manufacturers, technicians and dealers.

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    ABA focuses on educational and scientific purposes related to the collection, study, preservation, restoration and research of all kinds of bells.

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Group of happy peopleTHE AMERICAN BELL ASSOCIATION® was organized in 1940 for educational and scientific purposes related to the collection, study, preservation, restoration and research of all kinds of bells. We are an all-volunteer, 501(c)(4) not-for-profit organization.

Many people find our web site via a search for answers to their questions about bells. Others are bell collectors who have recently heard there is an organization especially for them and want to learn more about their bells.

The Wirral grandmother who is president of the American Bell Association

Joan Elliott

Negotiating customs at an airport can be tricky at the best of times, but for Joan Elliott it was fraught with a unique potential problem – she had a precious piece of American history in her hand luggage. Read more…

City’s bells project moving forward

Neil Goeppinger donates bells to Boone IowaThe City of Boone [Iowa]’s Bells Project will take another step forward Thursday when city officials review several aspects of the project with [ABA Member] Neil Goeppinger.

Goeppinger, owner of Goeppinger Farm Management in Boone, is donating a good portion of his historic bells collection to the city for the project. It would incorporate the bells into an urban park setting on the empty grassy lot on the northwest corner of Story and Eighth streets in downtown Boone, former site of the historic Myers Building, which burned down in 2009. Read more…

About the ABA

An ABA member checking out a bell collection at a recent conventionTHE AMERICAN BELL ASSOCIATION® is a non-profit organization of over 700 members located in the United States and other countries. The organization’s purpose is to further knowledge of bells among it’s membership through magazines articles, books, workshops and exhibits of different bell collections. Such programs are presented at local Chapter meetings, Regional meetings, and at an Annual Convention. More about us and our history